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30 Healthy Foods To Buy in Your Next Supermarket Shop

This year's WH food awards winners

food awards 2020 winners

As years go, 2020 has had a lot on its plate, and it makes sense that your own may have altered in response – not to mention how you shop for healthy foods to pile on it.

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The pandemic meant procuring and preparing food required greater consideration. According to YouGov, 16% of Brits did more shopping online than before, while food data trends service Tastewise reported sales of foods with ‘immunity, stress relief and medicinal benefits’ skyrocketing at the beginning of lockdown. In the aftermath, many found their attitudes to food changed for good.

In that spirit, our team of experts in nutrition, sustainability, innovation and ethical practices looked for the products that aim to provide great health benefits throughout this year and beyond, as well as brands using sustainable techniques to make the world a better, healthier place to live.

Being a regular reader of our mag you will know that once a year, the WH Food Awards analyse the healthy foods on the market. Why? So you don't have to.

This year, we rounded up a panel of leading health and wellness figures to help us scrutinise ingredients and select the actually healthy foods from the ones that just say they are. The over-use of 'high protein' on any healthy snack that contains a nut being case in point.

If you’re always on-the-go and barely have time to make a shopping list, let alone meal-prep (we feel you), here’s the experts’ pick of the top 30 products a health-seeking, ethically conscious woman should be sticking in her (virtual or disinfected IRL) basket. Your weekly shop is basically done.

Without further ado, let us present the WH Food Award winners of 2020.

Women's Health's Top 30 Supermarket Healthy Foods:

1. The Meatless Farm Co Meat Free Sausages, £2.50

The Meatless Farm Co


In May, The Meatless Farm Co replaced the soya in its plant-based sausages for pea protein in an effort to better mimic the taste and texture of meat. As well as providing a solid vegetarian protein source for those swerving the real deal, the pea formula is a helpful alternative for those who avoid soya.

It also means you can swap them into any of your go-to banger-based recipes without compromising on texture – a great option if you need your #meatfreemonday meals to be as quick to make and fuss-free as possible.

2. Mornflake Fibreful Oatbran Porridge, £3.89


Never mind adding scoops of protein powder to your morning oats – fibre is the real MVP of your morning meal. ‘Fibre is essential for healthy gut function on multiple levels,’ says Sophie Medlin, consultant dietitian in gut health and director of CityDietitians. ‘It feeds the good bacteria in your colon, which are necessary for sending various essential chemical signals around the body, as well as drawing water to the bowel and providing essential stool texture.’ (Read: it makes your poos easier to pass.)

This brand packs 10.2g per 40g portion – double the amount in standard rolled oats. Oh, and it did its bit in lockdown, too, providing ‘rescue pallets’ of porridge to NHS workers and food banks, as well as vulnerable people across the country.

3. Lancashire Farm Greek Style Natural Yoghurt, £2.25

Lancashire Farm


If you’re looking for a high-protein, satiating snack, it doesn’t get much better than Greek yoghurt. Medlin would agree. ‘Greek yoghurt keeps you fuller for longer between meals, particularly if you add some nuts,’ she tells WH.

This brand’s contains nothing but pure pasteurised cow’s milk and live cultures. Plus, the free-range cows used in Lancashire Farm products graze outside for at least an above-average 150 days a year.

4. Tony's Chocolonely Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt 51%, £3.49

Tony's Chocolonely

As a brand committed to ensuring ethical standards across the board, Tony’s Chocolonely (what a name) is a great way to do good while you #treatyourself. Plus, the UK’s PE teacher Joe Wicks is a fan. Nutritionally speaking, dark chocolate is high in iron and magnesium, while almonds are a solid source of vitamin E – although best to avoid a bar-in-one if you don’t want a sugar spike.

‘With chocolate, fair trade is the most important thing to make sure the communities who grow it are looked after,’ says Medlin. But this brand, with its mission to eradicate modern slavery in the chocolate industry, goes above and beyond. Ethics aside, it’s utterly delicious, too.

5. Mega Omega Munchy Seeds Roasted Tamari Seven Seed Mix, 69p

Munchy Seeds

This blend of hemp seeds, linseeds and more provides a solid source of plant-based omega-3 and fibre; and thanks to another ingredient, koji, it’s bloody delicious, too.

Made from fermented brown rice, koji is the thing that gives Japanese foods – such as soya sauce and miso – that distinctive umami flavour. The secret is in the koji’s enzymes, which break down carbs into sugars, and proteins into umami-flavoured amino acids.

‘Consequently, when your brain tastes sweetness and umami, it focuses less on bitterness, making anything taste better,’ explains Ole Mouritsen, professor of gastrophysics and culinary food innovation at the University of Copenhagen. It’s also nut-free.

6. Biotiful Dairy Kefir Cheese Cultured Soft Cheese, £1

Biotiful Dairy

Cultured cream cheese, eh? It’s not that this stuff knows its way around all three wings of the Louvre, rather that Biotiful Dairy’s new kefir soft cheese contains all the creaminess your bagels are used to, but with gut-boosting benefits – brought by the kefir grain’s fermenting process – to boot.

‘Evidence suggests kefir can support your gut health by introducing several different strains of bacteria and yeasts,’ says Medlin. Indeed, its live cultures provide a whole host of probiotics, which can contribute to a healthy gut microbiome and ease symptoms of IBS in sufferers. Plus, it packs over 5g of protein per 30g serving and only 0.2g of fat. Spread the news.

7. Manilife Deep Roast Crunchy Peanut Butter, £3.99


In a market as bloated as nut butters, this one had to really stand out. And ManiLife, made from high-oleic peanuts from one farm in Córdoba, Argentina, certainly did. High oleic (oh-lay-ic) basically means these guys have a 30% higher proportion of monounsaturated fatty acids, which can help your body maintain healthy levels of cholesterol.

In terms of taste, this was the first UK brand to start using coffee roasting techniques on its peanuts, giving each jar a uniquely rich taste. Bonus points for its coronavirus care packages: 250 were sent out to key workers during the peak of the pandemic. Truly, the nuts

8. Veloforte Tempo 100% Natural Energy & Electrolytes, £14.99 for 9


If you’re one of the people who’ve been motivated enough to run solo half marathons in the age of social distancing, you’ll likely be au fait with energy gels. But did you know that their fructose-glucose balance has to be bang on?

‘You have separate receptors in your body for glucose and fructose uptake, so having an energy source with two different types of sugar enhances your body’s absorption of carbs,’ says sports and eating disorder dietitian Renee McGregor. ‘They’re also usually better tolerated by the gut than pure glucose or fructose.’

Taking a gel based on just one of these can be a lot for your gut to handle (not useful if you’re gunning for a pit stop-free PB). As well as striking the right sugar balance, and containing 22g of carbs, these are an all-natural alternative to artificially flavoured energy gels – boasting a minimal ingredients list you can actually read.

9. The Organic Protein Company Whey Protein (Pure Unflavoured), £22

The Organic Protein Company

Birthday cake-flavoured, sucralose-laced powdered protein really not your vibe? With 19.8g of protein per serving, as well as all the essential amino acids found naturally in whey, this is an ideal base for any post-workout shake.

‘All the science would suggest that a pure whey shake made with milk is your best option for enhanced recovery and muscle protein synthesis,’ says McGregor. ‘You can add your own fruit or honey and work out exactly what it is you’re putting in.’

And the benefits are more than just for your bod – 25p from every purchase goes to Compassion in World Farming, which campaigns for farm animal welfare. Leading the whey

10. Yeo Valley Organic Free-Range Milk, £1.90

Yeo Valley

While various nuts and cereals continue to be milked, the OG is going nowhere. You can’t beat the cow when it comes to bone-boosting calcium, as well as its complete protein profile of all nine essential amino acids. ‘I’m very pro milk in terms of its bioavailability of nutrients, because the body can absorb them really easily,’ says McGregor.

Yeo Valley’s offering is certified free range and organic, but the clincher has to be the bottle. ‘There’s been a lot of innovation going on with packaging this year to create more sustainable choices,’ says Clare McDermott, business development director at Soil Association Certification. Launched in August, Yeo Valley’s new bottle is made of up to 50% recycled material and is 100% recyclable, too, designed to cut down on production of new plastic as much as possible.

11. Symprove, £79 for a 4-week pack


Yep, this one again. A WH Food Awards champion multiple times over (and star of our recent review), Symprove is consistently ranked as the gold standard gut-boosting supplement. ‘The problem with a lot of other probiotics is that they’re not water suspended, meaning the stomach sees it as food and its acid actually denatures the bacteria before they get to the gut,’ explains McGregor.

Symprove, however, is water suspended, meaning it can pass through the stomach unaffected and reach the gut to get to work. ‘That’s why it’s one of the only ones that’s been clinically proven to do the job a probiotic is supposed to do.’ While Medlin agrees it’s one of the best on the market, she advises anyone struggling with gut symptoms to discuss them with a specialist.

12. Mindful Chef Recipe Boxes, from £11

Mindful Chef

Mindful Chef


Back in March and April, when supermarket delivery slots became more in demand than an oversized Birkin bag in 2008, Mindful Chef reported a 452% rise in new customers. The service provides healthy recipe boxes for singles, couples or families and all the ingredients are top quality (no refined sugar or processed ingredients; exclusively grass-fed beef).

As well as being the official nutrition partner to the English Institute of Sport, Mindful Chef is a certified B Corp, meaning it’s undergone rigorous testing to ensure ethical standards across the board. ‘B Corps are legally obligated to look after the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit,’ says Chris Turner, executive director at B Lab UK, the charity that supports and certifies these B Corps across the country.

13. Tribe Nature Bombs (Choc + Hazelnut Butter), £1.99

tribe nature bombs



If you don’t have the time – or inclination – to go all Deliciously Ella and prep your own, these are a great option for when that 4pm slump hits. Energy balls are not created equal, though. ‘The higher the nut content, the better,’ says Medlin. Packed with hazelnuts, these are a great choice, made even better by the minimal 3.9g of sugar per pack.

Snacks aside, Tribe is leading the way with its ethical initiatives: The Tribe Foundation, set up in 2017, raises funds to 'fight modern slavery and end human trafficking' and has so far amassed over £500,000 for the cause.

14. MyVegan Clear Vegan Protein, £24.99


Not a fan of standard milky protein shakes? Get a load of this world-first product. MyVegan’s Clear Vegan Protein is a pea protein isolate designed to dissolve in water for a refreshing, squash-like drink. In a choice of strawberry or lemon and lime flavour, the drink is formulated with real fruit and enriched with B vitamins to support immune system function and fight fatigue.

‘When it comes to vegan protein shakes, pea protein blends have been shown to have almost all the amino acids of whey protein,’ says McGregor. In other words, it’s the best plant-based protein for building muscle.

15. Lo Bros Organic Kombucha Ginger & Lemon, £1.75

Lo Bros

As a fermented foodstuff, kombucha is a great alternative to traditional fizzy drinks and makes booze-free toasts a breeze. Lo Bros’ offering is organically brewed in Berkshire using single-estate green and oolong tea, while fresh ginger juice – as well as being a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties – provides a welcome kick up the taste buds. And at only 1.6g of sugar per 100ml, that’s half the amount in other leading brands’ bottles.

The price point is refreshing too, compared with many other offerings on the market. Essentially, while water is still number one when it comes to hydration, this is the best ’booch to have on rotation when H₂O just won’t do.

16. Profusion Organic Green Pea Pasta, £3.10


For those who don't get on well with gluten, or are just looking to diversify their protein sources, this pene is a nutritious swap to pair with your signature arrabiata. The calorie content is similar to your regular wheaty tubes, but with 20g of plant-based protein and 8.8g of fibre per 100g, it's a great way to pack in a bit more with each bite.

A 2019 study 40 years in the making found that high- fibre diets are associated with lower risk of diseases such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes, as well as lower cholesterol and body weight. Time to plate up?

17. Belazu Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil, £7.99


As for the healthiest oil to drizzle over your dinner, WH's dietitians agree that you can't beat a good EVOO. 'Extra virgin' simply means it's come from the olives' first pressing, within 24 hours of harvesting, meaning all the monounsaturated fats and antioxidants are retained.

Belazu’s arbequina olives, from Catalonia, are cold-pressed to preserve the delicate flavours and aromas that make them so distinctive. Grabbing the olives while they’re not quite ripe ensures a taste that’s even more intense.

18. MozaRisella Classic, £4.50


There was a time when the words ‘vegan cheese’ could strike horror in the hearts of the dairy-free. No more. As the first vegan cheese to use sprouted brown rice as its source, this not-zerella is as innovative as it is dairy-adjacent.

Grown deep in the Dolomites, it’s every bit as Italian as the kind that comes from a buffalo, while being lower in fat and calories than many of its coconut oil-heavy competitors. Its light touch of lemon juice and oregano help make any dish delicious – try it on pizza (Zizzi does), or in a cow-free caprese.

19. Spare Beetroot Crisps Air-Dried Wonky Beets, £1.09

spare snacks beetroot crisps

Spare Snacks


Spare Snacks’ mission statement is ‘waste not, want lots’ – and that second part will be you. These air-dried (read: not fried) crisps are made with the slightly damaged beetroots often rejected by supermarket suppliers, helping to minimise waste in the UK’s food system.

As for nutritional credentials, each pack provides a solid dose of fibre, folic acid and potassium, an essential macromineral that supports healthy blood pressure, protects against loss of muscle mass and lowers your risk of stroke.

What’s more, their fat and salt content is minimal – 0.1g and 0.2g per 100g, respectively – they’re one ‘healthy low-calorie snack’ genuinely deserving of the moniker

20. Strong Roots Cauliflower Hash Browns, £3

Strong Roots

Hash browns, but make it healthy. If this screams of sacrilege to devotees, know that Strong Roots’ cauliflower version contains a snip of the sat fat and sugar compared with the OG variety (1g and 0.9g respectively), making them a healthy staple to stash in your freezer for hastily cobbled together midweek dinners.

‘Healthy meals should prioritise the inclusion of plants where possible,’ says Dr Rupy Aujla, NHS GP and author of The Doctor’s Kitchen. ‘You want to make your plants, and a variety of plants, the star of whatever you’re eating.’ Team these with some nutrient-rich avocado and roasted tomatoes for a Mediterranean take on the English breakfast.

21. Hurly Burly Original Raw Sauerkraut, £2

Hurly Burly

It’s 2020 and the wellness world has long been extolling the benefits of a cracking ’kraut. (That’s fermented cabbage, by the way – if you’re new around here, welcome.)

‘Eating sauerkraut in isolation won’t do much for your gut, but if it’s part of a diet that includes plenty of legumes, fibre and colours then it’s a fantastic addition,’ says Dr Aujla. But how do you decide between the dozens of jars on the market? ‘I’d always be looking for quality ingredients – those in the refrigerated section with live cultures are best,’ he adds.

Hurly Burly’s crisp raw sauerkraut has live cultures in abundance. In fact, it doesn’t have much else – only organic white cabbage, sea salt and antioxidant ascorbic acid make the cut. The result is only 18 calories and zero sugar in 100g, and at only £2 on the shelf – it had to be the WH winner.

22. ChicP Velvet Hummus, £2.50 for 170g


No dinner party, picnic or, let’s face it, Tuesday afternoon would be complete without a good helping of hummus. Its sesame and olive oil content make it packed full of heart-healthy unsaturated fats.

This year, ChicP has been working with a local farmer to use the first UK-grown chickpeas in its velvety smooth tub – helping to lower its carbon footprint and combat climate change in a big way. For extra eco credentials, the rest of the brand’s colourful range uses surplus veg that would otherwise go to waste.

23. Seaspoon Seaweed Seasoning, £3.95

Sea Spoon

Sourced on the south Devon coast, Seaspoon’s seaweed seasoning will make a welcome addition to any local produceseeking kitchen. Replacing your regular table shaker with this stuff is a great way to cut down on salt consumption – this contains only 6g per 100g. In fact, seaweed’s aroma and taste make it a perfect substitute.

But that’s not all it’s good for: as well as being a super sustainable plant, seaweed is a nutritional powerhouse – think magnesium, iodine, calcium and more – and provides an all-important umami flavour. ‘Seaweeds are generally high in minerals, trace metals and both macro and micronutrients,’ says Professor Mouritsen. ‘They’re also rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and dietary fibre.’ Overachievers, much?

24. BOOSH Bone Broth Organic Beef, £4.99


One lasting relic from the clean-eating frenzy of the mid 2010s, bone broth is a great addition to an omnivorous kitchen. It’s an exceptionally nutritious source of collagen and protein, plus, its versatility (it’s right at home in soups, stews, or as a hot drink on its own) means you get serious bang for your buck.

BOOSH’s is slow-cooked over 16 hours, using organic grass-fed cattle and a blend of fresh veg and herbs. Unlike some of its competitors, this comes in a repurpose-able glass jar, meaning one less thing in your recycling bin.

25. Heck Simply Chicken Chipolatas, £3


Love a sausage but baulk at pork's fat content? Heck's chicken chipolatas are a healthy alternative to a traditional banger with 12g of protein - and only 77 calories - per two sausage serving. Equally low in fat and sugar at 2.3g and 0.2g per pair, they're a great choice to chuck into the midweek meal roster.

Heck itself is a family-run British company and works in small-batch production only - any surplus stock goes to local food banks and homeless shelters, proving that these guys are worthy winners in more ways than one.

26. Remedy Coconut Water Kefir, £1.99


A wellness match made in heaven, this. Remedy’s coconut water kefir is brewed using a live culture from traditional kefir grains. That means it has all the electrolyte goodness of coconut water, plus a helpful portion of probiotics for your gut microbiome.

After it’s been through its long fermentation process, zero sugar is left behind – it’s also unpasteurised, which Dr Aujla recommends when you’re searching for a good kefir. Sip it on its lonesome for a refreshing post-run refuel, or try a pimped-up pina colada with coconut milk and white rum.

27. Rude Health Soya Drink, £2

Rude Health

Soya milk might not sound like the most groundbreaking of tipples in 2020, but hear us out. Despite its expansive range of delicious dairy-free drinks, Rude Health has held off on the humble bean until recently. Why? ‘We’ve refused to launch a soya drink until we found a sustainable, non-GM, organic source of soya to use,’ says its head of innovation, Bertel Haugen.

The star ingredient in this is sourced from Europe, and only natural spring water and sea salt have been added to the mix. ‘If you’re looking for your plant-based alternative to provide as good a protein profile as dairy, then soya is your best option.' Told you.

28. Cafédirect, D.R. Congo London Fields Roastery, £5.50

cafedirect coffee beans



Cafédirect reinvests 50% of its profits into the communities it buys from, while paying a Fairtrade premium for all its products. It’s not hard to see why it’s the UK’s first B Corp coffee company.

These beans hail from the Muungano co-operative in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where over 4,300 smallholder farmers share their expertise to produce this full-flavoured, delicately acidic coffee. After small-batch roasting in the company’s London roastery, the beans are packaged up in plastic-free kraft bags for your home compost or regular bin.

29. Clipper Organic White Tea, £1.85

clipper white tea bags



‘When I’m looking at brands of tea, I look for ones that are processed gently to avoid damaging the polyphenol antioxidants,’ says Medlin. White tea is the least processed of all the teas, as the leaves are plucked and left to dry with minimal intervention, meaning it retains lots of antioxidant polyphenols.

Made from the buds and young leaves of the tea bush, the resulting tea tastes delicate and fresh, and comes in plant-based and unbleached biodegradable bags. Oh, and Clipper has been Fairtrade certified for 25 years.

30. Clarence Court Burford Browns Eggs, £2.50

clarence court burford brown eggs

Clarence Court


Clarence Court’s history began in 1928, when botanist Clarence Elliott brought the Araucana hen from Patagonia to the fair fields of Gloucestershire. After years of careful crossbreeding, the company has seen countless generations of pedigree hens, whose saffron yellow yolks are revered to this day.

The Burford Browns have a deep brown hard shell and a rich flavour that makes for perfect poaching, while they’re a great source of protein, vitamins A, D, E and B and essential minerals, like magnesium. And you can be sure these hens are happy – they roam free and graze on a fine-tuned maize formula and are left to lay the eggs in their own time. Good eggs all round.

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