43 Best Fitness Apps to Build Healthy Habits

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43 Best Fitness Apps for all Workout Tribes: Train Right, Refuel Better & Discover Your Inner Yogi Bear

Celeb faves included too, of course

best fitness apps, women's health uk
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The best fitness apps out there might just change your life. And, no, we're not speaking hyperbolically.

You want a personalised workout created with your goals and fitness levels in mind? There's an app for that. You fancy making meditation a morning ritual? Yep, there's a virtual coach to make sure it happens. You want to track your nutrition so your macros are a match for your training? There's. An. App. For. That.

If, three months of an unprecedented national lockdown has your daily routine feeling more like a merry-go-round of some healthy and some not-so-healthy habits, a little external push might be the thing you need to feeling more stable and back to your best.

Fortunately, we have a hunch you're going to be on board: According to GO-Globe, 52 percent of time spent on digital media is on mobile apps – with the minutes spent using a fitness app to move your body increasing. So, make like the majority and get yourself a fitness app that makes working out, doing yoga, running, meditating or keeping track of your nutrition easier than ever.

Keep reading for the best fitness apps available to download - including the one Jennifer Aniston swears by - and start your training today. What are you waiting for? It's literally all at your fingertips!

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So, you want to keep your fitness up in self-isolation? Good on you. Get around these home workout apps that'll challenge your cardio, strength and endurance from the (dis)comfort of your own home.

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Best for: A little bit of everything

Price: £15.49 a month, centr.com

From a team of 20 personal trainers, therapists and nutritionists comes Chris Hemsworth and co's fitness venture: a wellbeing app with sweaty workouts, mindful meditations and health-conscious recipes. Also – the first seven days are free! If it's good enough for Thor... Go, go, go.


best fitness apps, fiit, woemn's health uk
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Best for: Ongoing programmes

Price: From free, fiit.tv

Fancy training with some of the best PT's in the world from the comfort of your own home? Fiit boasts making fitness as easy as booking an Uber, and it's true. Download onto your device and you've got access to unlimited fitness classes from the UK’s most in-demand trainers.

And, if after all that excitement you're hungry for more then sign up to Fiit premium (£10 per month) to take part in Sweat & Reset - the Women's Health x FIIT 10 week training plan. It includes 4 classes a week covering all levels and types of training: cardio, strength and mobility. Get in (to your gym kit).


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SWEAT with Kayla

Best for: Weight training made easy

Price: £15.30 a month, kaylaitsines.com

When SWEAT upgraded from just BBG to BBG plus yoga and strength training, it became the front-runner in the best fitness apps competition. That's because, you can lose fat, build muscle and calm your mind with just one subscription.

Daily, work through 750 easy-to-follow video workouts including resistance, LISS and HIIT and don't skip the rehabilitation stretches. They're vital to staying injury free. Need help with your food? There's nutrition advice too.

The healthy meal plans – chose the veggie option if you don't eat meat – make eating right around workouts much simpler.And if that wasn't enough, SWEAT offers a step tracker, hydration monitors, and a tool to generate automated shopping lists for last-minute meal prep.

If you're taking part in the WH x Kayla Itsines 28-day challenge, you're eligible to receive 1 month of SWEAT free at the end of it. Full details on the challenge page.


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Best for: Studio-grade workouts and longer plans

Price: £12.99 per month, onepeloton.co.uk

You'll know them for their infamous Peloton bike – favoured by celebrities and those with a penchant for at-home spin classes. But, did you also know they have a home workout app with strength, cardio, yoga, running, walking and meditation classes too?

Filled to the brim with different options, the Peloton app can help you build strength as a newbie or more experienced exerciser, get a heavy sweat on in their cardio HIIT classes, or chill the hell out with stretchy, slow yoga. One for everyone, Peloton trainers are renowned as some of the best in the biz – many have 100k+ followers on IG – and, they'll make you feel like family. Even when they're making you do your sixth plank of the workout. *Ouch*.


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Best for: Building core strength, for free

£29.99 a year, freeletics.com

Dream of mastering a pull-up but can barely do a push-up? Choose Freeletics.

Designed to help you build body strength and cut abs, it's a strong contender in the best fitness apps war. But, before you get 10-workouts deep and wonder if you're on the right track, take the free fitness test. Dependant on your results the app puts together a workout plan just for you.It also has a nifty little setting for when you don't have much space (read: at home).


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Gymshark Conditioning App

Best for: Strength training at home

Price: Free or premium memberships: £4.99 per month / £49.99 per year, uk.gymshark.com

You love them for their cult gym leggings and workout kit, right? Well, you're about to love Gymshark a whole lot more. The brand built on über fit influencers working out in their kit also has a workout app designed to help you build strength at home.

Track your progress in app as you follow one of the many 'train like an athlete' programs they have on offer – ranging from HIIT to heavy lifting. Or, if you like to mix things up on your own time, take full advantage of their customisable workout plans – where you build the session you want to do. With exercise breakdowns and video instructions you'll be performing deadlifts and deadbugs with the most perfect form.


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Magic Mountain

Best for: Group motivation

Price: Free, magicmountain.app/

Making sure you hit your weekly fitness goals can sometimes feel like a mountain, especially in lockdown when work commitments and #homelife feel overwhelming – trust us, we get it. But, Magic Mountain, the group exercise tracker makes it easier than ever to want to get your sweat on.

Set a weekly goal and join up with friends to see who summits the mountain and achieves their goal first. Share your successes, cheer on teammates, try and beat your ultra-competitive sister or just chat with others on the challenge. If you're tracker-free you can manually log your workouts and record your sweaty selfies and workout wins.

One note is that as of right now the app is only available on the App store but it is due to come to Android soon.


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Kinetic Fit

Best for: At-home workouts

Price: Free, kinetic.fit/

Offering on-demand class streaming, be transported from living room to fitness studio in a tap of your iPhone. When there, choose from Zumba, yoga, HIIT and more.Download and do it. WH orders.


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Fit Body by Anna Victoria

Best for: HIIT circuit classes

Price: Free, memberships start at £15.49 per month

Anna Victoria is a global phenomenon thanks to her challenging HIIT strength circuit classes – and the fact she's built a thriving online community for those taking part in her plans. Now, her workouts are available in app-mode with handy video instructions on how to perform each exercise. A godsend when 'goblet squat' has you reaching for wine glasses. Joking. Kind of.


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Best for: Bespoke fitness plan tailored to your life

Price: Free, 8fit.com

Comprehensive, check! This app is both easy to use and effective, which gets it a thumbs up from us. It walks you through the initial questionnaire, including wellness goals, fitness levels and dietary preferences, that then dictate your bespoke daily recommendations


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Best for: Prenatal, pregnancy, post-natal fitness plans

Price: From free, jennisfitness.com

If there’s anyone we’ll take instructing us while we sweat, it’s Olympian Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill. Promising high quality, high impact exercise combinations, Jennis guides you through personalised workouts (whatever your fitness level), providing more challenging options as you progress. It even has a trimester-specific pregnancy and prenatal programme. Boom baby.


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Shreddy App

Best for: Combined workout and nutrition guidance

Price: £9.99 per month, shreddy.com

OG fit-fluencer Grace Beverley's fitness and fit-food app is the whole shebang in one. Workout guides to help you burn fat and build muscle, signing up to the app will give you access to hundreds or workouts, recipes, meal plans, real-time classes, and access to a community that'll #keepyougoing all session long.


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Lorna Jane Active Living

Best for: Downloadable plans

Price: Free, lornajane.co.uk

From the blush pink to the downloadable plans, this app has been created with millennials in mind — specifically busy, female ones. It encompasses workouts, meals (including vegan) and mindful practices, meaning it’s your one-stop app to better health.


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NTC Nike+ Training Club

Best for: Step-by-step fitness coaching

Price: Free, nike.com

Let Nike's best trainers and athletes coach you through a tailored workout plan. Yes, tailored. Plug in your goals and available time to workout and the app does the rest.

Worried about having 'enough time'? Select 45- or 15-minute sessions to suit your schedule. Plus, manually add the extra calories you burn around your workouts by logging walks, runs or gym classes. Simply put, it's the personal trainer/yoga teacher/celebrity coach you want, but can't afford.


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Tone & Sculpt by Krissy Cela

Best for: Beginner plans

Price: £13.99 per month, toneandsculpt.app

With plans for beginners, intermediate and advanced sweaters (people, not knitwear), Krissy really does have you covered for all your strength training needs. If you're a bit of a renegade – and we know some of you are! – get going on creating your very own personalised workout schedule, with the option to choose from between three and five workouts based on your preference.

There's also a 14 day free trial offer at the moment. Move quickly, people!


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Best for: Creating your own workouts

Price: Free, workit.com/

Word to all beginner bunnies, download WORKIT. As well as daily routines, body stat logs, BMI calculations and progress charts, there’s a comprehensive how-to section with hundreds of exercise explainers — complete with links to videos for maximum safety.


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If you're lucky enough to be self-isolating with kit or you stocked up before everywhere sold out – these workout apps are for you. Specifically aimed for those with a variety of equipment – barbells, benches, multiple weights etc. – they'll make logging your PBs and progressions that much easier.

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Best for: PT on demand

Price: From free, aaptiv.com

Moving away from video, super slick Aaptiv utilises audio and AI to bring you an ever-changing library of classes and workouts lead by certified personal trainers, with playlists chosen for your taste.


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Strong Workout Tracker Gym Log

Best for: Tracking weight-lifting progress

Price: Free

If simplicity is what you’re after, giving you the ability to log your weights and reps with a few button touches, plus the drive to improve, Strongly is your guy.


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Better Me

Best for: Exercises by body part

Price: Free, betterme.com/

If you've made the decision to lose weight and tone-up the revamped version of BetterMe allows you to select target areas to work on. Create a personalised combination of exercises and nutrition plans, with thousands of recipe videos to guide you. Plus, there’s a handy water tracker!


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Lacing up sans-tracking is sometimes a blessing - but, on days where you want to try smash that PB or count every mile of a long run, these running apps are for you.

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C25K 5k Trainer Pro

Best for: Novice runners keen to start

Price: Free, c25kfree.com

Running past the 3.1mile marker without wanting to stop to catch your breath is the when most new runners call themselves a 'runner'.

Not quite there yet? Using the C25K you can progress from absolute beginner to 5K runner in 8-weeks. It's one of the best fitness apps as it mixes interval training and sprinting with distance runs to build up both strength and stamina.

And, you only have to workout for 30 minutes, 3 times a week.


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Map My Run

Best for: Real-time audio tracking

Price: Free

Under Amour are well known for their genuinely world famous nutrition app, MyFitnessPal. But, their running app – Map My Fitness is equally as brilliant. A GPS run-tracking app that also offers real time audio coaching with customisable voice options for pace, distance and elevation, meaning you'll never how far, how high or how much longer you have to go.


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Best for: Dedicated runners and cyclists working out on the reg

Price: Some free features, some paid, strava.com

You've likely heard of Strava—it's the UK's most popular run and cycle tracker, and for good reason. It has a Facebook-community style vibe about it, and is built for keen fitness fans who want to log, track and share their movements, routes and PBs with friends. Ready, set, race.


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Adidas Runtastic

Best for: Customisable goals and trainer-tracking

Price: Free, runtastic.com

Are your running shoes starting to look (and feel) a bit tired? Well, Adidas' running app, Runtastic, let's you know exactly how many miles you've run in your treads and when it's time to start thinking about an upgrade. Besides handy kit-tips, they've also got all the things you need to keep trucking on: audio feedback, GPS tracking, targeted challenges to work towards and customisable goal setting options.


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Nike Run Club

Best for: Steady progression and goal-achieving

Price: Free, nike.com/nrc-app

Chances are you have – or had –a pair of Nike running shoes. They're heavyweight in the kit and trainer game but also in the apps-that-make-running-better game too. If you're looking to up your mileage in a sustainable and steady way, take advantage of their weekly, monthly or custom distance goal setter, or get involved with one of their bespoke coaching plans. Trying to run a faster 5k or further than you did last week, this is the app for you.


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Go Jauntly

Best for: Discovering new trails

Price: Free, gojauntly.com

Not your typical running app, in the sense that it doesn’t track your pace or calories burnt, but ideal for finding new routes — especially if you’ve moved to a new area or you’re a creature of habit — with local facts and recommendations for places to stop for coffee.


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Best for: Virtual races

Price: Free, asics.com/gb/runkeeper

Powered by shoe-brand Asics, Runkeeper has had something of a boom during lockdown. The run-tracking app saw a 667% uptick in registrations in April 2020 as more people than ever laced up and loped off.

And, if you're wanting to indulge the competitive side of your fitness personality, dive into one of their many challenges – such as running 10k in June or a certain number of miles per month. We believe in you!


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iSmoothe Run

Best for: Data-led running

Price: £4.99, ismootherun.com

All the things you’d expect from a running app and then some. Our favourite features are the shoe mileage feature (… as surely it’s not just us who struggle to remember when we need a fresh pair?) and shareable date files.


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